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26 September 14:00testa center

Welcome to celebrate


Meet the testa team, representatives from the first year performing companies and people from the Life Science industry.

First we give you some high-lights from the year, what is next and also some thoughts about the future of pharmaceuticals will be presented.

Then we invite you all to gather for afternoon tea in Testa Center´s T-bar.

26th of September 14.00-16.00 at GE Healthcare, Testa Center.

We hope to see you!

All you need to know

As you arrive to GE Healthcare you need to go via the reception desk, there is tee and coffee in the waiting area where we will come to pick you up.

If you use the car parking, make sure to give your cars registration number  to the receptionist.

If you come to Uppsala by train, make sure to add 20 mins for walking to GE from the central station.

Please respect the photo-regulation that prohibits photo the GE site. But as you enter the inside of Testa Center you are free to take photos!

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